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A Badpixel Builds video demonstrating the process of preparing, modifying, 3D printing, fitting and finishing a 3D printed respirator mask.

This prototype design is an example of something that could potentially be used as a last resort if no N95 respirator or other certified PPE (personal protection equipment) is available.

The design featured in this video is a modification based on the original respirator mask design. You can find the latest version of the Copper3D respirator design at states that their original design is only viable if PLActive (Copper3D's proprietary antimicrobial 3D printer filament) is used to print the device.

The video follows the entire process of the build and re-design - starting with sourcing the original STL files from, then moves on to test prints, identifying issues, then shows the process of dropping the design into Solidworks to modify and improve the design.

Be well and take care of one another (from a distance).

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Disclaimer: Badpixel Inc. and it's employees are in no way affiliated with, their products or services and makes no claims or guarantees on the effectiveness, efficiency or performance of the mask featured in this video. This video is for demonstration purposes only.
This video is intended to be a commentary about the potential of individuals and communities collaborating and pooling resources to solve challenges. The respirator mask designs featured in this video are considered prototypes and not intended for use as final products.
If making one of the products featured in this video, it is up to the maker to do proper research and manufacture the device within specifications to ensure proper performance and viability as claimed by the equipments' designers.

Links: Copper3D mask STL files:




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