Why Badpixel?

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  • Polished, cutting-edge Animation, VR & Video Production.
  • Reliability and infrastructure of much larger facilities.
  • Rates compatible with digital budgets.


    In recent years, there's been a rash of video freelancers pouring into the market. Fantastic claims about capabilities and experience are all too common but most deliver flat and technically flawed work that under-performs and fails to get noticed.

    "Stock Jockeys" and hobbyists posing as pros have helped drive entry-level production rates down. In today's climate, ultra cost-effective solutions on first glance, may be attractive to agencies and their clients. As with most products and services however, cutting corners without careful consideration and planning comes with consequences. You don't have to look far to notice a rapid, downward trend in quality of work and professionalism plaguing big-brand motion and video content production.

    We've seen it countless times. Exaggerated claims from inexperienced, under-equipped freelancers, leading to unpredictable, unreliable results. Missed deadlines and deliveries that fall short, leading to compromised agency credibility. At best, angry clients. At worst, content that damages the brand it represents and a client whose confidence is shaken.


    At the beginning of the Badpixel adventure in 2013, our competition mainly consisted of medium-sized and large studios. While the quality of work was excellent in most cases, many were struggling. The ancient broadcast-focused model was failing. A lot of shops were attempting to cover unnecessarily bloated overhead by charging astronomical rates for animation and post-production. In the chaos, we saw opportunity and developed a beautifully simple model which we still subscribe to today.

    At Badpixel, you may not find stunning decor or soaring architecture. Nor will you find empty suites or desks occupied by non-essential personnel. What you will find, is an extemely capable facility, stocked with all the tools and know-how you need to make premium content.
    Every investment has been painstakingly planned to make your experience effective, efficient and fluff-free. This enables us to pass significant savings on to you without compromises to quality or efficiency.

    The heart of Badpixel is it's core team of passionate, experienced professionals with a combined experience of 40 years in many facets of motion production. Every aspect of every shot on our reel has been executed end-to-end by our team. No sub-contractors means no broken telephone, a highly responsive workflow and clients in close contact with their work through the whole process.

    Years before VR and immersive formats were in demand by marketers everywhere, Badpixel was developing production pipelines and best practices for immersive video & post, and digitally generated VR and mixed-reality branded content. Obsessive attention to emerging technologies and formats has been the base of the Badpixel culture. We`ve made it a priority to stay well ahead of the curve to ensure confidence and technically flawless execution, well before a format becomes commonplace and pedestrian.


    To sum up, Badpixel is a full-service video content facility with a small-footprint. While we generate broadcast content, our focus is on premium digital and online content. We've dedicated our business to providing agencies and clients with premium, broadcast quality big-brand content in a fat-free wrapper. Our goal is providing the best reliability and quality-to-dollar ratio in the industry.

    The market and our competition have changed over the past 5 years, but our philosophy and model have never been more relevant. We work in a rapidly evolving industry and in a segment that has become crowded with unreliable suppliers. Don't leave your creative in the hands of inexperienced amateurs or under-equipped in-house resources. Avoid paying bloated premiums to large production operations covering unnecessary overhead. Go with Badpixel for your next project and enjoy the quality and dependability of large facilities at a fraction of the cost.

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