At Badpixel, we've been making award-winning video, animated and immersive content for online and broadcast since 2013. You probably haven't heard of us, but you’ve seen our work in the wild. We’re a trusted, invisible secret weapon for many ad agencies and clients. We’ve generated over 1000 unique content pieces for over 150 brands!

Badpixel's crack squad of digital wizards specialize in polished content for established and emerging platforms. We've made a business out of testing and applying novel, disruptive tech and production technique far ahead of our competitors. Our nimble studio infrastructure and tools makes us the perfect partner to bring visions to life in incredible ways. Best of all, everything we do is custom crafted in our shop's walls and white-labelled. NO outsourcing & NO strings.

Take the guesswork out of creating attention-grabbing, world class content. Trust your next award-winning idea with the shop trusted by over 100 internationally recognized brands.
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Our bread and butter

  • Video Production & Post bundles scaled to your needs. Shooting, editing, color and post under one roof.

  • 2D or 3D animation for social, broadcast or signage. Badpixel is your go-to for animated video content.

  • Bring your ideas to life with our Solidworks / 3D Printing / CNC pipeline and our shop loaded with premium tools and materials!


    The Badpixel team have built a business and studio around maker and DIY culture. Since the beginning, we've kept an unblinking eye on bleeding edge digital creative and production tech. Our no-frills operation has allowed us to quickly pivot, test and apply novel production technique with minimal friction. Our process makes the impossible possible and has unlocked surprising opportunities for dozens of clients and partners.
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  • 8k Capable Post & Color Suite
  • Realtime Remote Sessions
  • Blazing fast 3D Production
  • On-Site CPU/GPU Render Farm
  • VR (Unreal) Production
  • Pro Video Production Rig
  • Pro Audio Suite & VO booth
  • Certified Solidwoks Service
  • Professional 3D Printing
  • CAD/CAM/CNC Services

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    Team Members

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    (and it's not just the tinitus)

    There’s an old saying in the production business. “Good. Fast. Cheap. Pick two.” The Badpixel team is purpose-built to get you as close to all three as you’ll ever get. I can tell you in my 20+ year experience, the quality of this team’s work is unmatched. Meticulous attention to detail and quality is their starting point; if an asset doesn’t exist, they have the ways and means to make it. They respect timelines to a fault and always work to deliver on or ahead of schedule. When it comes to cost, you get what you pay for, and Badpixel always works to make it work, quoting with honesty and integrity, and if your aspirations exceed your assets, they’ll present you an option that works for the budget. I can’t recommend this team and their work highly enough.

    Tracy Jones
    Managing Director
    Alternator - A Division of Omnicom Media Group Canada

    We have been working with Badpixel for many years now, through different agencies. They have been a great partner who can quickly telegraph complex services or processes into ideas-in-motion, with creative that elevates our final product. They work along side with us throughout the creative process, and are able to quickly grasp the direction and visualize it into a flow that makes the content more engaging.

    Often the speed that we operate does not allow us to give the level of attention to every element that we bring into a video. Badpixel is always able to upgrade the content through their creative flare, attention to detail, and their expertise in motion. We would highly recommend Badpixel as a content partner. They understand how to succeed within tight deadlines, and integrated workflows. Their work is of the highest quality, and they are very willing to make themselves available to ensure a quick response. Above all; the team always extend their expertise to help better the creative thinking, and they understand the true meaning of adding value to our business.

    Eric Ramirez
    Managing Partner
    The Hatchery Marketing Group



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