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In slow weeks around the shop, we're usually busy immersing ourselves in studio upgrades, repairs or other less artistically-glamorous endeavors. late this summer, with most of the mundane housekeeping out of the way, we decided to sharpen up our booze bending skills using Realflow 10, Maya and After Effects. Here's a collection of CG liquid sim shots compiled into a test called "Fluid".

Team Badpixel are no strangers to fluid sims. Up to now however, we haven't had a real opportunity to dive... err - dig into some real exploration. Some toiling went into solving a few logistical and technical hurdles (simulation files were HUGE) but overall, experimenting was pretty fun once we managed to wrangle control of some of the more stubborn subtleties.


  1. I have no idea what all the above means but it looks great!

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